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Firm Overview

The Law Office of David J. Hutchinson is a small, private firm focusing on general civil litigation, including bankruptcy, family law, and real estate. Dave Hutchinson has over thirty-five years of experience in the practice of law, and is skilled at handling a wide variety of cases in both state and federal court.

At the heart of Dave’s practice is a desire to help his clients resolve their legal problems, whether personal, professional, or financial in nature. When people are facing legal disputes and other concerns, they are often apprehensive about the road ahead. Dave Hutchinson has traveled the road many times, with many clients. His experience allows him to prepare clients, explain their options, and empower them to deal with whatever situation they may be facing.

The firm strives not only to help clients achieve the most satisfactory resolution possible to their legal matters, but to do so in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Dave believes in taking the time to help clients clarify their needs and goals. When litigation is called for, he is a skilled and determined advocate. However, when a dispute can be resolved by alternative means, Dave will pursue that option if it best serves the client’s identified goals.

The practice has deep roots in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, and Southeastern Michigan. Dave’s mission is to offer his clients high-quality legal support that allows them to confidently move forward in business and in life.

The Law Office of David J. Hutchinson looks forward to the opportunity to learn about your legal needs and to serve you.