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probateThe area of probate covers two fairly distinct areas, decedents’ estates, and guardianships and conservatorships. 


Probate is best known as dealing with the estates of deceased persons (decedents). Many people think the probate process is complex and burdensome, but with good legal guidance, it need not be stressful. We have a fairly efficient set of laws and rules that make the process relatively simple and quite painless in most cases. Please call me to discuss your situation, and we will attack it together. Do not hesitate to call because you don’t think you know enough about the process. We can discuss that, and you can decide how best to proceed. 


The Probate Court also deals in matters involving those who cannot fully speak for themselves. Sometimes, the people are children; sometimes, they are elderly, and other times, they have physical or mental issues that prevent them from making life decisions without help. The Court helps families and friends help these people by appointing them to act on behalf of these less fortunate people.

If you have a situation like either of these, please call to discuss it with me. I look forward to working with you.