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Why Choose Dave

Here are some of the many reasons Dave Hutchinson’s clients turn to him with their legal needs, and refer their families and friends.

  • int_slide01Experienced. Dave Hutchinson has over thirty five years in the practice of law, with a breadth of experience that includes bankruptcy, family law, real estate, and many types of litigation. His clients reap the benefit of the legal skills and strategies he’s developed over those decades.

  • Engaged. Even after years of practice, Dave is energized by each new case that comes in the door, and understands the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances. He enjoys exploring new issues, and never treats an issue as routine, even if he’s handled it dozens of times. The facts of each case are new and different.

  • Client-Centered. Dave makes a point of listening carefully to the needs of his clients, understanding their concerns and goals, and proceeding with those in mind. Sometimes that means aggressive litigation; sometimes it means minimizing risk and conserving client resources by negotiating. Dave explains the risks and benefits of each course of action so that clients are empowered to make the best decisions about their cases.  Dave will never recommend a course of action that he does not believe to be in the client’s best interests. His priority is helping clients get exactly what they need from the legal system.

Please contact Dave to learn how he can help you.